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Email mail address or message @tosiaki1 at twitter.


  1. Generally use common sense.
  2. No illegal activity.
  3. No photography submissions (including profile images), unless modified to such an extent that it can no longer be considered photography.
  4. No spam or disruptive/threatening activity.
  5. All R-18 submissions must be categorized as such.
Please use the above contact to report anything.

General info

Concerning the friends feature

Currently, the friends feature does not do anything beyond making the friend show up in the list of friends. A "show to friends only" privacy setting was considered, but not implemented (for now) due to the complexity of implementing such a feature.

Concerning the "this work is a comic" selection

Currently, this option does not do anything, but a "search comics only" feature will likely be implemented in the future, so it is best to select this option if the submission is indeed a comic.

Upcoming features

Several features are being considered for implementation in the near future, including, but not limited to:

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